Hurricane Watch For Boca Chica Community

Hurricane Watch

Harvey Local Watch/Warning Statement/Advisory Number 12
National Weather Service Houston/Galveston TX  AL092017
1014 AM CDT Wed Aug 23 2017

1014 AM CDT Wed Aug 23 2017


A Hurricane Watch means Hurricane wind conditions are possible
somewhere within this area and within the next 48 hours

A Storm Surge Watch means life-threatening inundation levels are
possible somewhere within this area and within the next 48 hours

    - LATEST LOCAL FORECAST: Equivalent Tropical Storm force wind
        - Peak Wind Forecast: 30-40 mph with gusts to 55 mph
        - Window for Tropical Storm force winds: Friday morning until
          Saturday morning

        - Emergency planning should include a reasonable threat for
          strong tropical storm force wind of 58 to 73 mph.
        - To be safe, earnestly prepare for the potential of
          significant wind impacts. Efforts should now be underway to
          secure all properties.
        - Dangerous wind is possible. Failure to adequately shelter
          may result in injury.

    - POTENTIAL IMPACTS: Significant
        - Some damage to roofing and siding materials, along with
          damage to porches, awnings, carports, and sheds. A few
          buildings experiencing window, door, and garage door
          failures. Mobile homes damaged, especially if unanchored.
          Unsecured lightweight objects become dangerous projectiles.
        - Several large trees snapped or uprooted, but with greater
          numbers in places where trees are shallow rooted. Several
          fences and roadway signs blown over.
        - Some roads impassable from large debris, and more within
          urban or heavily wooded places. A few bridges, causeways,
          and access routes impassable.
        - Scattered power and communications outages, but more
          prevalent in areas with above ground lines.

    - LATEST LOCAL FORECAST: Life-threatening storm surge possible
        - Peak Storm Surge Inundation: The potential for 4-6 feet
          above ground somewhere within surge prone areas
        - Window of concern: Begins Friday morning

        - Emergency planning should include a reasonable threat for
          dangerous storm surge flooding of greater than 3 feet above
        - To be safe, earnestly prepare for the potential of
          significant storm surge flooding impacts. Evacuation
          efforts should now be underway.
        - Life-threatening inundation is possible. Failure to heed
          evacuation orders may result in serious injury or loss of
          life. Leave if evacuation orders are given for your area.
          Consider voluntary evacuation if recommended. Poor
          decisions may needlessly risk lives.

    - POTENTIAL IMPACTS: Significant
        - Areas of inundation with storm surge flooding accentuated
          by waves. Damage to several buildings, mainly near the
        - Sections of near-shore escape routes and secondary roads
          become weakened or washed out, especially in usually
          vulnerable low spots.
        - Major beach erosion with heavy surf breaching dunes. Strong
          and numerous rip currents.
        - Moderate damage to marinas, docks, boardwalks, and piers.
          Several small craft broken away from moorings, especially
          in unprotected anchorages.

        - Peak Rainfall Amounts: Additional 8-12 inches, with locally
          higher amounts

        - Emergency planning should include a reasonable threat for
          minor flooding where peak rainfall totals are near amounts
          conducive for localized flash flooding and rapid inundation.
        - To be safe, prepare for the potential of limited flooding
          rain impacts.
        - Localized flooding is possible. If flood related watches
          and warnings are issued, heed recommended actions.

        - Localized rainfall flooding may prompt a few evacuations.
        - Rivers and tributaries may quickly rise with swifter
          currents. Small streams, creeks, canals, and ditches may
          become swollen and overflow in spots.
        - Flood waters can enter a few structures, especially in
          usually vulnerable spots. A few places where rapid ponding
          of water occurs at underpasses, low-lying spots, and poor
          drainage areas. Several storm drains and retention ponds
          become near-full and begin to overflow. Some brief road and
          bridge closures.


Public Notice: Boil Water Rescind Notice

Tri-County Point Property Owners Association, Inc.

14 County Road 480, Palacios, Jackson County, TX 77465

361-972-3998 * * 361-972-0309

Boil Water Rescind Notice

On 04/11/2016, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) required our public water system Tri-County Point POA, PWS ID 1200027 to issue a Boil Water Notice (BWN) to inform our customers that due to the presence of contaminants or an interruption in service, water from our system must be boiled prior to consumption.

Our system has taken the necessary corrective actions to restore adequate pressure, disinfectant levels, and/or bacteriological quality and has provided TCEQ with testing results that indicate that the water no longer requires boiling as of 04/15/2014.

If you have questions, contact Stanley Kazwell at (361) 972-3998.

If a customer wishes to reach TCEQ, they may call 512-239-4691.

Public Notice To Boil Water - Section 4 & 8

Mandatory Language Template: Public Notice to Boil Water Due to water leak and line repair, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has required our water system PWS #1200027 to notify customers of the need to boil their water prior to consumption. To ensure destruction of all harmful bacteria and other microbes, water for drinking, cooking, and making ice should be boiled and cooled prior to use. The water should be brought to a vigorous, rolling boil and then boiled for two minutes. In lieu of boiling, you may purchase bottled water or obtain water from some other suitable source. When it is no longer necessary to boil the water, the water system officials will notify you that the water is safe for consumption. Instructions to discontinue boiling will be issued in the same manner as this notice. If you have questions concerning this matter, you may contact Stanley Kazwell at (361) 972-3998. If a customer wishes to contact the TCEQ, they may call 512-239-4691.


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