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Tri-County Point News

Tri-County Point Property Owner’s Association, 14 County Road 480, Palacios, TX 77465 Phone:(361) 972-3998 Fax: (361) 972-0309 Email:

September 24, 2015 October 24, Annual Meeting and Amended Bylaw Vote

The association’s 2015 annual meeting will be held on Saturday, October 24, at 1 pm. It will be held at the Carancahua Community Center. The amended bylaws are attached to this mailing for your review. To pass these articles, 20 % of the 1580 lot owning membership must be present and a 2/3rd majority vote of those members present is then required to approve it. The meeting’s agenda is on the backside of this Newsletter. Be there and have your voice heard.

Regarding the election of officers this year, despite two newsletter notices, no one qualified to run for the open board positions this year. A few days after the qualifying period passed, we did receive one letter of intention to run. The board voted, that person, Mr. Jason Hahn, to the board position of vice-president.

The planned Water Supply Corporation vote will be held next year instead of at this annual meeting due to a lack of expressed interest.

The Beautification Committee of Boca Chica will be serving Hot dogs and beverages at this meeting.

Pier’s Reconstruction is Underway Enough money had been raised to begin rebuilding the pier that Tropical Storm Bill destroyed on June 16. The community support for this project has been fantastic. Many have donated their effort and many have donated money. The beautification committee has also hosted several fundraising events. We do have several thousand dollars in pledges which have yet to come in as well as a lot of used wood which was salvaged from the old pier. We are determined to get the pier done as soon as possible and will keep at it until it’s done. The more money raised means the less salvaged lumber used in the reconstruction. New Lumber verses Used Lumber Several people have stated the desire to have the pier rebuilt with all new materials. In truth, we all want this but we can only do what we can do. A pier built with both new and used materials is better than what we have now, no pier. We have a very active core group of people who can be counted to work hard and give much to the community. Their efforts are absolutely transforming this community. However, if we want a pier built with only new materials, we will need wider participation, in other words, more money from more people. The Tri-County Point POA - Pier Account at the Prosperity Bank is solely for the rebuilding of our pier and will be used for no other purpose. If you would like to help, please write a check to the Tri-County Pier Account. Your efforts will be welcomed by a grateful community. A plaque will be erected at the pier recognizing those who have given so generously of time and money. *Donations in the form of new materials will also be accepted.

More Improvements

Members of the Boca Chica Beautification Committee have been working hard. The park has seen the addition of a Jungle Gym, a sandbox, horseshoe pits, a sea serpent, flowers, trees and more. So many people are pitching in to make Boca Chica a beautiful place to be. Soon we will be announcing another very generous donation coming to the park area by a very generous member family, stay tuned!

The serpent has a name, meet Boca Boo!

Mandatory Lot Mowing Boca Chica is a growing community with many people working hard to make it a better place to live. Proper lot maintenance is important for several reasons including fire safety, snakes, vermin, and attractiveness. With the coming cool weather, vermin will soon become a big nuisance to the increasing number of residents. The POA has been asking lot owners to keep their property mowed for some time now. In accordance with the property Restriction, Covenants, and Restrictions, it will now be required. All uncut lots will be mowed and the property owners will be charged a fee of $40 per cut.

Boca Chica Beautification Committee News

The Labor Day Pot Luck Picnic was a great success. Well over 100 people had a great time listening to the music provided by Boca Chica residents Bob Fawcett, John Pierce, and Dennis Fairbanks. The event is put on every year by the Boca Chica Beautification Committee. This year they raised over $1,500 toward the pier project. Other events included the Sea Serpent Coloring Contest which was won by Cynetha Looper, Kyler Yackel and Hunter Hahn. The Sea Serpent name contest was won by Dan Wells. The Serpent’s name is Boca Boo! Congrats to all!

Halloween Party!

Music - Costume Contest - Coolers welcomed! Saturday, October 31, 5 pm to ? at the pier! Pot Luck, bring your favorite dish! Fun for the whole family! Check with the committee’s Facebook page regularly to keep up with thee going ons. It will be a treat and that ain’t no trick!

Tri-County Point Property Owner’s Association October 24, 2015, 1 P.M. at the Boca Chica Community Center

Membership Meeting Agenda

1 P.M. Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance/Invocation

Establishment of Quorum

Opening Remarks

Presentation of last Membership meeting Minutes

Bylaws Adoption Discussion

Bylaws Adoption Vote

Treasurer’s Report

Old Business

New Business

Announcement of Bylaw vote results

Special Presentation and Closing Statements


Ballot For Proposed to Amend the Restated Bylaws of Tri-County Point Property Owners Association

October 24, 2015, 1 PM at the Carancahua Community Center CR 476, Palacios, TX Property Address:

Section___________ Block ________ Lot_______ Section___________ Block ________ Lot_______

Section___________ Block ________ Lot_______ Section___________ Block ________ Lot_______

Section___________ Block ________ Lot_______ Section___________ Block ________ Lot_______

Please add on back if more lots owned.

Total votes/lots owned_____________ (One vote per lot owned.)

Three ways to vote:

1. You can vote in person by coming to the meeting or you can pick one of the two next options.

2. You can vote absentee by selecting and filling out Option A.

3. You can select someone to act as your proxy and to vote in your place at the meeting, Option B.

(Pick one option only)

Option A— Absentee Ballot

I/we ______________________________________________________________, as owner(s) of the above stated properties do hereby cast my vote (s) regarding the adoption of the presented Restated Bylaws as:

For__________ Against___________

Deliver this absentee ballot, in person or by mail by 5 PM, Friday, October 24, 2015 to:

Tri-County Point Property Owner’s Association 14 CR 480, Palacios, TX 77465

Please mark the exterior of the envelope “ABSENTEE BALLOT” Option B—Proxy Appointment I/we______________________________________________________________, as owners of the above described property do hereby appoint ______________________________________________ as my revocable proxy to attend and vote on the adoption of the presented Restated Bylaws.

My proxy will act in my stead and on my behalf to represent, vote, execute consents and otherwise act for me in the same manner and with the same effect as if I were personally present. I reserve the right to revoke my proxy at anytime and the proxy automatically terminates at the adjournment of this meeting.

Proxy Holder Please Note: Proxy Ballots are to be turned into the Secretary prior to the start of the meeting.

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